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What makes us so different?


Have you ever really thought through why marketing is so important? It doesn’t matter what stats you chose to look at, an alarming rate of small business fail, and high up on anybody’s list of reasons, is…marketing (or lack thereof). So why is it that “differentiation” is so important. We aren’t talking about blasting out the “word” to a bunch of people. If that were the case then the most successful companies would be the ones with the largest email database. What we are talking about is brand. This is where things get a bit “squishy”. Cause you cant really “quantify” a brand, you cant buy it, it isn’t something that you do once, its not a product or a logo….it’s “all of the above”.


The goal of marketing is to ensure that

a) The client forms a good solid wire frame about your company and

b) It constantly refreshes that image with positive, memorable things to keep them coming back.

What is a Brand? The initial definition of a brand was- “a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.” Soon marketers began to understand that there was more to the perception of products and services than their names. They found that they could create a perception in consumers’ minds regarding the qualities and attributes of a generic product or service. They began calling the product the “brand”. Your “brand” is what your customer thinks of when they hear your name. It’s a combination of the actual product and the consumer or client’s perception.

Why is it Important?

Your brand is what stands you apart for the others. Brand development is crucial when running a business. Brand experiences and perceptions are developed over time through a variety of sources:

– Previous experience with the brand

– Interactions with employees

– Recommendations from friends and colleagues

– Reviews/referrals by trusted sources-

– Marketing


How do you create a strong brand?

– Define concisely who you are

– Differentiate yourself from the crowd

– Achieve brevity, clarity, and consistency when communicating your brand

– Craft a dynamic visual identify

– Engage your employees every step of the way

So how do we do it?


Our approach is non-traditional. Think of us as your agent. We are in business with you, not for you. We treat your business as ours, ensuring your success through our sustained partnership. We turn over every rock, and nothing is left hiding in any nook and cranny. Once we commit, the Ballyhoo 360 groundbreaking services start to produce results for you.


Here is a little secret… We believe that most marketing plans fail because people overpaid for big things (like an over charged website) and didn’t have enough money to get a the small things a business also needs to succeed. Combine that with an industry that is constantly changing with new technology and too complicated for anyone not educated in it, then you are doomed from the beginning. How do you ever hit a target that is constantly moving why you are suppose to be running your own company?


Let’s face it what you need isn’t another button to push, you need a co-pilot! You need Ballyhoo 360!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?