“Ballyhoo360 has a creative marketing flair and talent like I have never encountered.”

Logan Stewart- Ortho Carolina


Marc Sowell has earned the reputation as an innovative leader in the marketing space. Born, raised, and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, he currently serves as the Owner & Marketing Specialist of Ballyhoo360, where he is dedicated to providing creative marketing solutions for businesses ranging from small to mid-sized. In part, his company is also a “micro charity incubator,” offering nonprofit organizations a more streamlined and effective operating model.

Formerly, Marc worked on the “sell-side” and “buy-side” as a Corporate Debt Trader. Within that time, he came to the realization that he missed the past decade of his daughter’s life immersed in nothing but work. This granted him just the right amount of momentum to cut ties with that career path and pave the path to a brand new one. After shifting gears to nonprofits, he soon discovered that the market was in dire need of business experts who were well-versed on the ins and outs of marketing. And that’s when his present undertaking, Ballyhoo360 was born.

No matter what venture he takes on, Marc harnesses his compassionate, philanthropic nature on his lifelong mission to add value to people’s lives. To him, true success is measured in customer satisfaction and never in monetary gain.


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Chief Marketing Officer

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Director Of Client Servies

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